Supply and Demand Project Ideas

Instructor: Anthony Cognata
These supply and demand project ideas will allow students the opportunity to practice research skills and delve more deeply into a fundamental economic principle that shapes further economic understanding.

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand is one of the foundational economic concepts learned in secondary education that informs larger concepts learned in high school and college. While a seemingly simple concept, many students struggle with it as they come to understand the fluidity of supply and demand. The following projects are meant to help students put together all they have learned about supply and demand in creative and real-life applications. Use these projects, which are ideally done in collaborative groups, to expand your 8th grade students' understanding of a foundational economic concept.

Shark Tank Business Plan Presentation

One of the most applicable ways for students to critically understand supply and demand is to have them create their own business. In small groups, have students first brainstorm and then research ideas they have for a business they would like to create.

Then, have them justify their business plan by explaining the demand for such a product along with their plans for supply. Students can create their business plan on a poster board or in a PowerPoint. After they have created their business, have students present to the entire class their idea. At the end, have the class vote on which business they believe will be most successful based on the demand for the product and the group's plan for shifts in supply and/or demand.

These business plans should include the following:

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