Supreme Court Case Project Ideas

Instructor: Laura McNeice

Laura has a masters in Curriculum and Instruction in Social Studies Education and has been teaching for 7 years in North Carolina.

These projects are designed to help students engage with the facts of major Supreme Court cases and to evaluate how crucial these cases were to United States citizens.

High School Supreme Court Case Project Ideas

When studying the Supreme Court of the United States it can be overwhelming for students if they just see lists of the cases. However, by turning this important topic into interactive and engaging projects, the students will be able to better understand the facts of each case, and capable of evaluating the long term effects of these decisions. These projects are ideal for high school students, particularly 9th and 10th graders, to use in either a Government course or possibly a US/American History course.

Living Museum

Materials: bulletin board paper, markers, printer, computer, costumes

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