Sweden Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Charles Kinney, Jr.
Sweden is a country in Northern Europe that is famous for cars, singing and meatballs. In this lesson, you will read about Swedish wars, Eurovision and words in Swedish.

What Is Sweden?

Sweden is a country in Northern Europe in an area called 'Scandinavia.' It has three neighboring countries - Norway, Finland and Denmark. A large tunnel connects Sweden to Denmark. Sweden is also bordered by the sea. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, sits on 14 islands!

The Royal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden
The Royal Palace in Stockholm

Sweden has short summers and is usually very cold in the winter. About 9 million people live in Sweden, most of them in the south of the country.

From War to Peace

Sweden is a democracy but it also has a king and queen. For hundreds of years, Sweden fought many wars. At times, Sweden controlled its neighbors Norway and Finland, and was usually at war with Denmark. Today, Sweden is a peaceful place. The leaders of Sweden try to remain neutral, or to not take sides in arguments or wars involving other countries. Sweden was neutral in both World War I and World War II.

Now Sweden is a place where leaders try to make things as fair as possible. After many discussions, Sweden joined the European Union, a large group of European countries. These days, many people move to Sweden and other places in the Union to escape war and hunger. Sweden usually takes in over 100,000 people a year through immigration, or people moving from one place to another. Now there are more people trying to move to Sweden than ever before and Swedish people aren't sure what to do.

Life in Sweden

Many people in Sweden are religious. They practice Christianity, Catholicism or Islam.

People in Sweden also celebrate traditional occasions. In the summer, the sun is out nearly 24 hours a day; on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, Swedes have a big party with lots of flowers.

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