T. Rex Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Dina Albert
Powerful, fierce, and enormous are three words that describe the animal that people call the 'king' of the dinosaurs. In this lesson, we will learn more about what earned the Tyrannosaurus rex the title of 'king.'

Meet the 'King'

Have you ever seen a giraffe at the zoo? Well, a giraffe is around the same height as a Tyrannosaurus rex (T. rex) was. But unlike a giraffe, which you could look at and think 'oh, how cute!', the T. rex would probably make you freeze with fright.

Let's travel back more than 60 million years, to the end of the last part of the Mesozoic Era, known as the Cretaceous period. Tip toe ever so quietly through the forest to the massive T. rex, who is sleeping standing up.

You are probably between four and five feet tall (maybe a little taller), but to reach the top of this dinosaur, you would need to be 15 to 20 feet tall (as tall as a giraffe). That's about four of you, stacked up on each other's shoulders. And its body stretches up to 40 feet, almost as long as a large school bus.

Without waking it, you are now as close as you could be to this huge beast. This dinosaur weighs somewhere between 5 and 7 tons (between 10,000 and 14,000 pounds), which is the weight of a large truck. You analyze its large head, which is the length of five rulers, and its huge jaw, which is four feet long. You catch a glimpse of its arms, which are only three feet long (shorter than you) with only two fingers, but keep in mind these short arms are powerful. You also remember that its tail helps it move fast.

Oh no, it's starting to wake up. And you suddenly remember that the T. rex has around 50-60 teeth that are about 9 inches long (almost one whole ruler), which it uses to easily crush through bone. What is scarier is that you realize this dinosaur is a carnivore, which means it eats meat. You start to get nervous as its eyes open and it sees you standing there.

T. rex

And then you wake up. Phew, what a dream that was. You're back in your room, and if you have a pet, you're thankful it's smaller than you.

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