Taiga Biome Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Alexandra Owens

Alexandra has taught middle school science and has a master's degree in Math and Science Education.

Jump on the dogsled and explore the taiga biome! This the largest of Earth's land biomes, has long winters, and is full of evergreen trees. Wear a coat because it will by chilly!

What is the Taiga Biome?

Imagine a forest that stays green year-round, even on the coldest days of winter. This is what we will find on our trip to the taiga biome. While the word taiga sounds similar to the word tiger, it is actually a Russian word that means forest. Yet, if we walk quietly, we may get to see a Siberian tiger while in the taiga! Pack a warm coat and come with me!

The taiga is located in the northern sections of the continents.

The taiga biome is the largest land biome in the world. A biome means a large area with similar climate, plants, and animals. The taiga biome stretches across the northern part of Earth almost like a green belt. You can find the taiga in northern Canada, Alaska, and Russia, among many other locations. Jump on my dogsled and let's explore some of Earth's taigas!

Taiga Climate

The taiga is a pretty chilly and dry place. It is not as dry as the desert or tundra, but it is pretty close! On average the taiga receives less than 30 inches of precipitation a year. That is less than the height of your waist spread out over the entire year! It will look like rain in the summer, but snow the rest of the year. Snowshoes or snow boots will certainly be helpful!

The taiga is a cold place. The winter can last up to seven months!

Temperatures in the taiga are usually on the cold side. Winters can reach -60°F. Brr! In the summer temperatures can climb to 70°F, but not for long. These cold temperatures are a result of winds from the Arctic Circle and limited hours of sunlight in the winter. This means winter can last up to seven months! Now you see why you needed a warm coat for this adventure!

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