Tailoring the Content of Your Resume for a Job

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
A job applicant should be knowledgeable of how to tailor the content of their resume for a specific job. A custom, detailed, directed resume offers the best chance of acquiring an interview.

Resume Revision

In order to increase your chance of getting the interview for the job of your dreams, you need to tailor the content of your resume specifically to the advertised position. A resume is a brief summary of professional, education and personal accomplishments that is used to acquire a job. A resume needs to be adapted and tweaked in order to apply for different positions. It is a necessity to develop a basic resume that can be altered depending on the job requirements. Creating a stand-out resume that focuses on specific selling points that match the advertised job requirements will be discussed in this lesson, courtesy of our career specialist - Dr. Resume.

How to Tailor Your Resume

Dr. Resume has seen thousands of resumes come across his desk over the past decade. He has developed an antidote to the boring, general resumes that are easily ignored by companies. He calls his cure: ASSD, which is an abbreviation for the following advice. A is for Avoid using one resume, S is for Scrutinize job ad, S is for Selling points and D for Downsize.

1. Avoid using one resume

Dr. Resume's most important piece of advice is to avoid using one resume. Almost every human resource company is looking for keywords or phrases that match their advertised job description. It is critical to your job-seeking health that you tailor every resume to the characteristics requested in the classified job listing. For example, Dr. Resume has multiple resumes saved on his computer for jobs such as consultant, teacher, administrator, etc. Once he chooses the resume, he then further tailors it to the specific job requirements.

2. Scrutinize job ad

It is important to carefully examine the job advertisement for specific keywords, such as customer service, analytical, payroll, graphic design software experience, etc. The next step for the job applicant is to ensure that those keywords appear on his or her resume listing related job experience. For example, when Dr. Resume applied for a college teaching position, he noticed that the job required teaching, mentoring, advising and lecturing skills. He adjusted his resume to make sure that it reflected those key skills.

3. Selling points

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