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Instructor: Daniel Brown has thousands of courses comprised of video and text lessons, and there is no restriction on what members can study. Get access to everything with a single Premium, Test Prep, Teacher or College Accelerator membership. Use this resource to learn everything you need to know about how courses work on Updated: 04/01/2020

How Can I Use to Educate my Child at Home?

There are thousands of courses and tens of thousands of video and text lessons on Lessons are written by subject matter experts and qualified teachers who know the material and understand how to engage learners.

Courses cover every school subject and grade level, so whatever your child's needs, you will be able to find high quality learning resources to ensure they don't miss out during school closures.

If you wish, you can use as your primary resource, taking whole courses in the subject(s) and level(s) that suit your child's needs (that's right - you can take any course from any level).

Alternatively, you could use as a supplemental resource by watching individual lessons or working through selected chapters.

Each lesson is accompanied by a transcript and a quiz, and each course has a set of flashcards at the end to help your child retain information. Courses also contain chapter and course practice tests that your child can take when they have completed each section.

How can I find courses, lessons and other resources on

You can use the course catalogue to browse courses by subject, level or goal.

You can also use the search bar in the top right-hand corner of your browser (see screen-shot below) to find anything that has to offer - from whole courses to individual lessons, discussion questions, projects and other activities.

Use the search bar to find individual topics and lessons

Who teaches lessons on

We have over 200 instructors from a diverse range of backgrounds. They all have subject-expertise in common - most often from teaching in their chosen field, but the pool of instructors also includes individuals who have years of job experience in a given subject.

Once lessons are written they are then reviewed by another set of subject matter experts, and courses go through regular quality control to ensure they are up to the required standard.

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