Talkative Students: Classroom Management & Strategies

Instructor: Kerry Gray

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree.

In this lesson, we will examine strategies for helping you as a teacher deal with students who talk excessively or at inappropriate times. We will specifically focus on verbal and nonverbal reminders, changing delivery methods, and redirection.

Dealing with Excessive Talkers

When George Thorogood sings, 'You talk too much, you talk too much / I can't believe the things that you say everyday / If you keep on talking baby / You know you're bound to drive me away,' do you imagine some of your students?

Excessive talking is a common problem that teachers have been dealing with for centuries. Along the way, the profession has developed some effective strategies for helping students learn the appropriate way to express themselves in school. Let's examine some strategies for dealing with talkers in the classroom.

Verbal Reminders

Ideally, a teacher will think ahead about what type of behavior they expect during each type of learning activity so they can proactively discuss those expectations with their students. For example, during collaborative group time, you may expect students to talk to their peers about the assignment using a low-level voice. In contrast, when you are lecturing, you may expect students to remain silent unless they raise their hand and are given permission to speak.

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