Talking About Activities: Practice Activity with -AR Verbs

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  • 0:06 Define and Conjugate
  • 2:48 Conversaciones with Script
  • 5:04 Conversaciones without Script
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Danielle Geary

Danielle teaches at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She holds a Doctor of Education with research concentration in Study Abroad and Foreign Language Acquisition.

-AR verb vocabulary and conjugations... There's a lot to practice! Put them together and quiz yourself with these reading and listening practice activities.

Define and Conjugate

-AR verb vocabulary and conjugations - there's a lot to practice! ¡Vamos! Let's put them together in reading and listening activities to make practice perfect.

First, you'll see a picture of an activity and some verb balloons in which to choose the correct definition. Then, I'll give you a subject, and you supply the correct conjugation of the verb.

1. Activity: Drawing

  1. hablar
  2. dibujar
  3. estudiar
  4. necesitar

Answer: dibujar
Subject: Juanita

  • dibuja.
    • Juanita draws or Juanita is drawing.

2. Activity: Dancing

  1. bailar
  2. practicar
  3. tocar
  4. comprar

Answer: bailar
Subject: Juanita y Mario

  • Juanita y Mario bailan.
    • Juanita and Maria dance
    • Juanita y Mario are dancing.

3. Activity: Shopping

  1. cantar
  2. hablar
  3. comprar
  4. usar

Answer: comprar
Subject: Usted

  • Usted compra.
    • You (formal) buy.
    • You (formal) are buying.

4. Activity: Talking

  1. hablar
  2. tocar
  3. enseñar
  4. caminar

Answer: hablar
Subject: Tú y yo

  • Tu y yo hablamos.
    • You and I talk.
    • You and I are talking.

5. Activity: Walking

  1. cantar
  2. comprar
  3. caminar
  4. bailar

Answer: caminar
Subject: Yo

  • Yo camino.
    • I am walking.
    • I walk.

?Que tal? ¡Muy bien! On to the next activity!

Las Conversaciones with the Script

Bien! In this activity, you'll hear conversations with the words on the screen. Then, you'll answer questions about the conversation.

Conversacion 1:

Daniela: Estoy nerviosa. Necesito más tiempo.

Mateo: ?Por qué?

Daniela: Necesito estudiar para un examen de ciencias.

  1. What does Daniela need?
  2. Mateo asks why and she says?
    *She needs to study for an exam.

Conversacion 2:

Sergio: ?Qué enseña usted?

Marta: Español.

Sergio: ?Usa mucho la computadora?

Marta: Sí. Todos los días uso la computadora.

  1. What two things does Sergio ask Marta?
    *What subject she teachers and if she uses the computer a lot.
  2. Why does he use the word usted to address her?
    *Because she is a teacher, and he is showing respect.

Conversacion 3:

Loli: Miguel, siempre caminamos en el parque.

Miguel: ?Bueno, hoy por qué no practicamos en bicicleta?

Loli: ¡Sí! Me gusta caminar, pero me gusta hacer cosas diferentes también.

  1. What do Loli and Miguel always do in the park?
  2. What does Miguel suggest?
    *Bike riding
  3. Loli says she likes to walk, but she also likes what?
    *To do different things, too.

Muy bien! And on to our last exercise for today.

Conversaciones without Script

In this activity, you'll hear conversations without the script. Then you'll answer questions about the conversation.

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