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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Lindy Hatten

Lindy has a M.Ed in TESOL with a Cross-Cultural concentration from Saint Mary's College of California. She has taught for 25 years at the secondary and university levels.

This lesson is designed to provide resources for teachers, future teachers, researchers, and others who want to enhance teacher professional development. Professional development is an essential way for educators to enhance critical thinking skills, gain new knowledge of the subject matter, and explore new learning tools.

What Is Professional Development?

Think of professional development as a reflective engagement in one's own career. When we reflect as educators, we think of ways we can enhance our critical thinking skills, gain new knowledge of the subject matter, and explore new learning tools. Teachers can find new strategies to increase student achievement. In other words, teachers are responsible for creating a friendlier learning environment.

There are many teacher resources available to find new ideas, and each provide methods to enhance classroom strategies. Some of these resources are free, some are grant funded and some of the resources cost money. Whichever resource we choose to use in our professional development journey, the outcome should be the same. As educators we must strive to find the most relevant and effective materials to use in our classrooms that aid in student success.

Online Development Sources

The Center for Learning offers complimentary hour-long webinars that provide new knowledge and resources for 21st century educators. The webinars are offered at no cost. Just type ''The Center for Learning'' in your Internet browser and you'll be directed to the website's webinars, print lessons and online lessons, for a small price. More professional development ideas, articles, research, and reports are also available. As of 2013, some of the topics discussed are: How Environment Plays a Critical Role in Student Achievement, Learning History in a Whole New Way and Personal Learning Networks, Connecting our Online and Offline Worlds.

PBS TeacherLine offers many resources for beginning and experienced teachers. Many of their resources can be completed online. Self-paced professional development courses are offered at a small price. Teachers can also enroll in 15- to 45-hour facilitated courses that are innovative, flexible, and engaging. Teachers can choose their courses by subject. Go to your web browser and type in www.pbs.org to get started.

LinkedIn offers many resources for teachers looking for professional development. Teachers can find workshops, webinars, courses, and articles on the best practices for professional development. Not only are there resources for educators, but teachers can also link with other professionals such as scholarly writers, expert teachers, and university deans and presidents. Using this free social media and information sharing site can enhance one's professional development experience.

Facebook is not just a social media site that assists individuals in finding old high school friends. If you already have a Facebook account, simply log on and type in the word education in the search browser. A myriad of educational resources will pop up that one can join. There are workshops, webinars, organizations, clubs, and more.

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