Teaching Children Geography: Strategies & Tools

Instructor: Derek Hughes
Geography can be an interesting subject to teach and learn. This lesson will provide some strategies and tools you can use to engage your young students in Geography.

What Is Geography?

Learning about our planet, the land masses on it, the features of different environments, and the people and their interactions with the environments can be incredibly fascinating and eye-opening for young people. All of those features fall under the study of Geography. By using engaging strategies and exciting tools, you can open your students' minds up to a world they never knew existed.

Bring the Material Home

Your students may find it difficult to relate to some of the concepts you will teach in Geography; especially if these concepts concern areas of the world your students have never seen or heard of before. Therefore, when teaching Geography, it is best to design lessons and activities that help students relate to the material.

For example, if you are teaching about the migration of a certain group of people, you can choose from several ways to drive that material home for students. For example, many of your students probably go on a vacation once a year or have been on vacation before. Relate migration to the idea that many people go to a certain area during the summer. This will help students understand the reasons behind the migration of people in the past.

Helping students relate to concepts in Geography will engage them in learning.

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