Teaching Kids About Spiders

Instructor: Abigail Cook
These activities will help you teach children about spiders in a fun and engaging way. The ideas in this lesson can be adapted to fit a variety of groups, ages, and abilities.

Spider Activities

The purpose of this lesson is to give you some ideas of fun activities to include in your unit on spiders. Whether you are teaching in a classroom full of kids, or just want to have some fun at home with your child, these activities will get everyone excited about spiders!

Are You Afraid of Spiders?

This activity would be a great way to introduce your unit on spiders. Explain to your students that you are going to find out how many people in your class are afraid of spiders. Give each student a picture of a spider and let them think about whether or not they are scared of spiders. Have them tally their responses on the white board by placing their spiders under the yes or no column.

If you are working one-on-one with a child, you might have them poll family members and tally of the responses themselves.


After discussing some of the characteristics of spiders, have your students write mini-books to show what they've learned. Cut white sheets of paper in four equal pieces, and staple them together. You may want each book to be about 5-10 pages long. Students should write one fact about spiders on each page and include a picture. When the books are finished, pass them around so they can read each other's books.

Here is another way you might do this activity. Provide animal and science magazines about spiders and let students copy down some of the facts they learn from the text. They could also cut out pictures of spiders for each page.

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