Teaching Kids to Read: Strategies

Instructor: Barbara Fehr

Barbara has taught English and history and has a master's degree in special education.

In this lesson you will be introduced to teaching ideas and strategies you can use to help teach students how to read. The lesson focuses on sight word and phonics strategies that can be applied to new and struggling readers.

How to Teach Reading

Teaching reading can be challenging, but when you have the right tools in your belt it can actually be a lot of fun. The most rewarding part of being a teacher, from my perspective, is watching a student grow from not being able to read (or being a self-proclaimed non-reader) to loving to read and being motivated to improve their skills. This lesson will provide you with strategies based on sight words and phonics rules that you can use with your students. Know that not one strategy with fit all students and you will need to adjust your instruction to best meet your students' needs.

Sight Words

Sight Words are those words that don't always follow 'sound it out' rules and students just have to memorize. There are 220 sight words on the Dolch Sight Word list. The words are broken into lists based on age and grade level at which most students are able to successfully read. Pre-Primer is the first list, and includes words such as 'play' and 'with'. The lists go all the way to 3rd grade level to include words like 'about' and 'better'. If a student is struggling to learn how to read, teaching sight words can be a useful to help them gain confidence.

Sight Word Activities

Repetition Repetition. Learning sight words requires a lot of memorization. In order to memorize anything it needs to be repeated several times over. Base your instruction on your students' pace. Don't push them faster than they can handle (but also challenge them to keep going and to put their best foot forward). Repetition does not have to be the same activity or strategy over and over again. Mix it up to make it interesting and try to use a combination of the strategies listed below.

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