Teaching Reading: Before, During & After Technique

Instructor: Sharon Linde
Teachers can help students better understand and succeed in reading when they instruct before, during and after reading. This lesson will describe how to use this technique and provide examples for use in the classroom.

Teaching Reading

Mr. Jones has a variety of readers in his class. Some are strong readers and easily grasp new ideas and concepts. Others struggle with the basics, and still others hover somewhere in the middle. The good news is he understands how students learn to read and is up on his instructional practices. He uses a technique that doesn't limit reading instruction to one point but rather organizes his teaching into a framework with activities and teaching strategies before, during and after reading.

Along with his well-rounded literacy time, which includes word work in phonics, grammar, and spelling, Mr. Jones teaches his students important comprehension skills, those that help them understand what they read. By teaching before, during, and after reading he gives his students a chance to see him use a strategy before they try it, learn to use it on their own, and then talk about what happened afterwards. What does this look like? Let's see.

Before Reading

Mr. Jones always has a purpose for his instruction. When he plans his teaching lesson for reading, he wants to get student's ready to learn before they even begin to read. He also wants to:

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