Teaching Students to Revise & Edit Their Work

Instructor: Sharon Linde
Revision and editing are critical steps in the writing process. What's a good way to teach students how to revise and edit? This lesson will offer some dynamic methods of instructing revision and editing. Read on and learn.

What Are Revising and Editing?

Susie loves everything about writing class. Her teacher starts out with a mini lesson that teaches her something she can use when she writes. She's gotten a lot of great ideas from this part of class. Then, she gets to spend time doing what she loves best - writing. She brainstorms, writes, conferences with her teacher and other students, and then writes some more. Writing class is the best.

Except for one thing - Susie isn't a fan of revising and editing. What's the big deal? She's already spent so much time on her paper. Why should she go back and revise, or change ideas, and edit, or check for writing conventions like spelling and grammar? Hasn't she already done that about a dozen times?

Susie's teacher knows revising and editing aren't popular with students. She sees them dragging their feet when it comes time for this important step in the writing process. Lucky for Susie, there's a fun and engaging way to teach revising and editing. Let's take a peek as the teacher, Ms. Jones, fills her students in.

Teaching Revising and Editing

When Ms. Jones introduces her topic for the day she can almost hear her students thinking 'BORING!' Today, though, she's prepared. Over the summer, she learned a great way to teach students how to revise and edit that will hook them into the process.

Students often get confused about these two separate and different tasks. To help her students understand, Ms. Jones is first focusing on revising.

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