Teaching Word Families: Exercises & Activities

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 15 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

Working on word families can become monotonous for students. This lesson offers fun and exciting activities to ignite your students' interest in word families.

Word Families

Word families are groupings of words with similar sounds or combinations of letters. 'Car', 'Bar', 'Dart', and 'Far' are all in the 'ar' word family. Teaching children to recognize these word families can make reading much easier for them. A great way to learn word families is to make it into a game.

Fun, active games get students using more of their bodies in the learning process, which can lead to deeper processing of the information than when students are inactive receivers of information. However, there are times when students need quiet reinforcement of previously learned concepts. This lesson offers both active and quiet games and activities to support students learning word families.

Active/Whole Class Activities

These activities involve the whole class. They are great fun to reinforce already learned concepts.

Find Your Family

Play this game after you have worked on multiple word families with your class. Give each student a card with a single word on it. At a signal, the students should try to organize themselves into family groups based on the words they have been given (for example: give some children 'at' family words and others 'all' family words). For a challenge, you may consider giving some students words that might fit into multiple families. After the students have successfully gathered into family groups, you could either swap cards and play again, or hand out new words for the students to play again.

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