TECEP Network Technology Essay: Info & Prompts

Instructor: Jordan White

Jordan has been a writer, editor and Web researcher for educational publications since 2010. He holds a bachelor's in English from Western Michigan University.

Learn about the essay format, scoring and expectations for the TECEP Network Technology test. Practice with prompts in order to prepare for the essays and assess your abilities.

TECEP Network Technology Essays

As part of your TECEP Network Technology test, you'll be expected to complete 70 multiple choice questions and 3 essays within your two-hour time limit. The multiple choice questions will account for 70% of your total grade, while the essays will account for the remaining 30%. So it will pay to be prepared!

Each essay will be a short response, about 1-3 paragraphs in length, and each of those essays is worth 10 points towards your final grade. The scoring breakdown for each essay is divided into four categories. You will receive 4 points for addressing all points stated in the prompt, 3 points for delivering accurate information, 2 points for writing an essay that offers a complete analysis of the prompt, and 1 additional point for writing an essay that is clearly written.

Essay Prompts

In order to prepare for these short response essays, view the sample essay prompts below and challenge yourself to answer them. Can you address each point? Can you recall accurate information that offers a complete analysis? Is your writing clear and easy to understand?

Sample Essay 1:

Describe the differences between a public cloud and a private cloud, and explain why an organization might choose a hybrid cloud over either of those options.

Sample Essay 2:

Discuss the purposes of a LAN, MAN, WAN, and WLAN. Describe which option would be the best option for providing a computer network to an entire college campus, and why?

Sample Essay 3:

Describe three different types of threats to a user's internet security, and name protection measures that can be taken to prevent each one.

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