Technical Skills for Customer Service Managers

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  • 0:01 Understanding Technical Skills
  • 1:19 General Skills
  • 1:48 Using Technology
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Amber Dixon

Amber works with graduate students enrolled in a virtual program and has a Master's of Social Work degree.

This lesson will identify and explain technical skills that are required of customer service managers. We will also glance at the use of customer relationship management (CRM) systems to enhance business operations.

Understanding Technical Skills

Technical skills are defined as learned capabilities in a designated concentration of work. Managerial technical skills include using technology to communicate with staff as well as skills in organizational planning for short-term and long-term strategic goals. Other technical skills that customer service managers use include typing, presentation development, and using computer software to implement tasks. Let's look at an example.

Leslie manages a team of reception staff who work from several company locations. She expects staff to answer the telephone timely during regular business hours. This requires someone to be available regardless of personal or work conflicts among customer service staff. Leslie decides to request team members to use an electronic calendar that allows them to share their calendars with each other. She uses her organizational and computer skills to train staff accordingly. She requests that staff view the calendar of co-workers when determining leave time. The use of the calendar-sharing software simplifies and increases communication among team members.

In the example, Leslie used her technical skills to effectively manage and guide her staff. Let's look a little closer at some important skills for customer service managers.

General Skills

Customer service managers must regularly interact with staff, customers, and external vendors to manage success each day. Communication skills are important to assess needs, identify problems, and determine solutions. Strong writing skills are important for managers to draft proposals, meeting agendas, and memorandums for staff. Managers who are approachable, fair, and open-minded are effective at mentoring and coaching customer service staff.

Using Technology

Customer service management can also benefit from using technology and software programs to efficiently oversee the needs and productivity outcomes of staff, customers, and vendors. Technology helps managers improve their ability to closely monitor customer service teams and still be mindful of vendor and business needs. Many companies are turning to software systems called customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Let's take a closer look at how these systems can help manage customer service.

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