Techniques Used to Promote the Body's Defenses

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Artem Cheprasov

Artem has a doctor of veterinary medicine degree.

Are you a superhuman? I'm willing to bet that you are. That's because you've likely used at least one technique to promote your body's defense systems. Find out more in this lesson.


There's a TV show out that talks about superhumans. These are people with amazing abilities that seem beyond what nature intended for humans to ever attain. However, did you know you're probably a superhuman too? In that respect, you are almost certainly far more powerful than what nature intended you to be. How so? Well, exercise your superhuman concentration powers and find out.


You are a super human because you have been vaccinated. Nature never intended for you to receive vaccines, suspensions of weakened infectious organisms that are administered in order to prevent or treat disease. What this is saying is that your doctor has given you a shot in order to make you stronger than nature intended you to be. Had you not been vaccinated against a certain disease, you could potentially become very sick, or even die, if you ever come across the bug that causes that disease. But with a vaccine, you became a superhuman because the vaccine causes your immune system to develop defenses for the future for any potential encounter with this bug. So, when the moment does arrive, the bug does strike, you are ready to fight it off completely and stay alive.

Diet & Lifestyle

You are what you eat. Popeye became superhuman when he ate spinach, something we know is good for us. It's also good for the immune system, as are other dietary and lifestyle factors. We can become superhumans and promote our body's defenses, the immune system, by eating lots of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. By avoiding saturated fat, we improve our defenses as well. People who don't smoke are known to have better immune systems. Those of us who try and avoid or deal quickly with stress are also stronger on the inside. Stress is like kryptonite to our immune system. Think back to how many times you've gotten sick or gotten a cold sore around the time of a stressful event, like a big test, or a long red-eye flight, or the loss of a loved one. Lots of restful sleep is important for a good defense system as well, not only because it lowers stress, but also because it helps the body heal. Regular exercise is known to improve the immune system many fold by supercharging it with lots of energy, blood flow, and nutrition.

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