Technological Innovation and Organizational Behavior

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  • 1:01 Worker Requirements
  • 2:45 Employee Expectations
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
Technology has created numerous opportunitites for businesses to increase their overall success. Although the explosive technology growth has increased productivity and advancement, it has also created changes in organizations.

Technology and Organizational Behavior

Imagine going to work and unplugging from technology for the day. You would not have access to any cellphones, computers, email, voicemail or other forms of technology. Your day would consist of using a typewriter to complete orders, and you would communicate through a landline phone. This was a typical work day not that long ago.

Mobile phones, tablets, all-in-one desktops and sophisticated software are just some of the radical changes that have affected organizations in the last ten years. Although the explosive technology growth has increased productivity and advancement, it has also created changes in worker requirements, employee expectations and workplace changes. Messy Chocolates began with very humble origins of typewriters, desk phones and door-to-door sales. Now the company structure is almost unrecognizable due to the technological impact on their organization.

Worker Requirements

Today's companies have different worker requirements. They require highly skilled workers who can learn quickly. Technology is now evolving daily, and workers must be able to improve their skill with minimal training. In order to find these highly sought-after employees, companies have to widen their net by considering a diverse population. Technology is even providing the abilities for disabled individuals to work from home or contractors to be located overseas.

Messy Chocolates has many disadvantaged employees working on computers through the use of voice-command typing. They also utilize outsourced customer service workers in India to handle customer inquiries and complaints.

Companies expect that individuals will be lifelong learners and that education does not distract them from their job. Technology-mediated online courses and degrees will be expected to quickly improve knowledge. Messy Chocolates employees are encouraged to acquire further education whether it is a high school diploma or a doctoral program.

Lastly, companies do not look to hire lifelong employees. They need employees who can respond quickly to changes in production due to technology. Temporary, contract or consultants will be the choice of employers due to their flexibility. In addition, these workers will have a blurred line between work and family life due to the technological pressures. They are now expected to be available twenty four hours a day via their mobile phones and laptops. All Messy Chocolates employees are reachable via their corporate-issued cell phones. Technology has also changed employee expectations.

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