Technology in Physical Education

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  • 0:04 Physical Education Technology
  • 0:35 Tablets and Apps
  • 1:46 Heart Rate and Pedometer
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Artem Cheprasov
Physical education can be made fun, interesting, and more productive thanks to the use of technology. Find out how tablets, exer-games, and much more can help improve physical education.

Physical Education Technology

We use it to improve the way cars drive, the way we communicate with one another, and the ways by which we can catch criminals. It's technology. So, why not use it to improve physical education?

Actually, many inventions that were developed for completely different purposes are finding their way into physical education programs. Let's take a look at the way technology is being used in physical education programs to assess a student's progress or to improve physical education outcomes by making PE class a lot more fun and interesting.

Tablets and Apps

Tablets and apps seem to have taken over the world recently. They're being used by everyone from all ages. Inasmuch, a tablet and appropriate apps can be used to record a student's form during a bat swing, free throw technique, or positioning during a game of football. The video can then be played back, analyzed, and constructive critiques can be given by the coach right on the tablet. The teacher or coach can literally draw on the screen in order to tell students how best to improve their form, strategy, or just about anything else.

Today's technology has taken the need away for bulky cameras, videotapes, and expensive software to achieve this. Much cheaper apps and tablets are available for physical education programs. Not to mention, sharing these types of videos and critiques are far easier.

This same technology can also be used by students to create workout videos or to choreograph dance routines that can then be easily shared with students in the class. In fact, using the miracle of video chat, students across the globe can literally have a dance competition without having to fly anywhere. This kind of cheap, global connectedness and friendly competition can spur students to train harder to be the best, not just in their region, but in the entire world!

Heart Rate and Pedometer

Even slightly older technologies can be used to improve physical education. How do we really know if a student has exercised enough? At least in part, we can measure things like heart rate and the amount of distance covered to figure out whether or not a student has gotten enough exercise. Whether during PE class or even outside of school, pedometers - or devices that measure the amount of distance covered by walking or running - and heart rate monitors can be handed out to students for this end. A heart rate monitor is an electronic device that can help us ascertain how fast a person's heart is beating, and thus whether a student is exercising hard and long enough. Conversely, it can help us track if a student is over-exercising if their heart rate is way too high for too long.

An example of a heart rate monitor
An example of a heart rate monitor

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