Technology in the Early Childhood Classroom

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Derek Hughes
Technology is an incredibly important part of any classroom. This lesson will introduce you to several pieces of technology that you will likely see in many early childhood classrooms.

Classroom Technology

Every day, we interact with a wide variety of technology. Classroom technology is one subset that is used to enhance and supplement student learning. These are devices used by teachers and students in the classroom. Classroom technology has become an integral part of any classroom, and being familiar with the different devices and uses is key to utilizing it effectively.

In order to explore several pieces of classroom technology, this lesson will look at a second grade class taught by Mr. Thompson.

Interactive Whiteboard

Mr. Thompson is a teacher at Elemeno Elementary. He is very passionate about technology and enjoys trying new tools to use in his lessons. The centerpiece of Mr. Thompson's second grade classroom is his interactive whiteboard. An interactive whiteboard is a piece of technology that connects to a computer, displays images on the computer, and allows an individual to interact with what is on the screen through the use of an electronic pen.

Mr. Thompson uses his interactive whiteboard in a variety of ways throughout the day. He can use it to project videos or information for the class to see or to display presentations that encourage students to interact. There are also various websites that make educational games tailored for touch screens that allow students to practice various concepts.

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