Technology in the Kindergarten Classroom

Instructor: Tanieka Ricks
The use of technology in a kindergarten classroom is not only a fun addition to students' learning process but also a valuable and vital part of education. Read on to learn more abut the benefits of technology in the kindergarten classroom.

Technology in the Classroom

As a kindergarten teacher you have probably wondered about the kind of technology you can use in your classroom. While your students are comfortable with technology, they often need someone's assistance and guidance while using a computer or other electronic device. Don't worry, there is variety of things that are available to make your teaching process easier and fun.

As a teacher, you can make your first step into the world of classroom technology by using simple things like mp3 players, smart phones, and digital cameras. Desktop or laptop computers, tablets, document cameras, LCD projectors, smart boards and online media can be the second step to integrating technology in your classroom. While some pieces of technology like smart phones and LCD projectors are better to be used by teachers, the other ones are good for the students.

Developing Lessons/Assessments

Even though kindergarten lesson planning might be very simple, the use of technology can make this process more enjoyable and productive. Making playlists of songs that can be used in the classroom can allow easier access during class and for tweaking quickly. Taking pictures and creating Power Point lessons or slide shows is a great visual to engage students. Printing wall charts, posters, classroom books or putting together a classroom album is a beautiful addition to any classroom.

Educational videos, games, online encyclopedias, and art or science project demonstrations can be great resources to enhance your lessons. But these aren't the only things available in our ever-changing technological world. There are a variety of visual thinking software, diagrams, and lesson plan templates that can help you plan not only your daily lessons but also organize your goals and ideas for the whole year.

Finally, developing assessments or assessing with technology can be another valuable way to improve your teaching. You can create digital assessments for the smart board and your files. While you can use website assessments or games to track students' progress.

Diverse Teaching with Technology

Kindergarteners usually have a very short attention span; therefore, technology can help teachers present the same material several times in different ways. For example, students can sing an alphabet song, they can watch a video and repeat the movements of writing each letter, and then they can use a tablet to play an alphabet game. Students can then use tablets or digital cameras to walk around the classroom and take pictures of the images that start with a specific letter or sound. Your students can also use tablets to practice writing letters or typing items found on the wall or in a big book that begin with those letters.

A _document camera_ is a new version of an overhead projector that uses camera instead of a projecting lamp. It allows students to see your demonstration of a lesson or practice their own demonstration for their peers. _A smart board_ is an interactive white boards with touch detection students can use to add or put numbers in order, match pictures with letters or words, play team games, blend sounds and practice reading phrases or sentences. A smart board also gives teachers an easier way to access websites, videos or lesson presentations in a short period of time.

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