Telling the Minutes to 30: Time in Spanish

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  • 0:09 Review of the Hours in Spanish
  • 1:05 Telling the Minutes to 30
  • 2:26 Practice
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Ashley Garcias-Casas
What time is it? 8:05, 10:15, 3:30? In this lesson we will learn the vocabulary to tell time in Spanish, with special focus on telling the minutes up to 30 in Spanish.

Review of the Hours in Spanish

¿Qué hora es? What time is it? By looking at the clock, we know it's 3:00. Son las tres. But what happens if it's 3:08, 3:15, 3:24 or 3:30? In this lesson, we will learn how to tell the minutes up to 30.

Learning a second language is all about building blocks. We have to know the hour before we can say the minutes. Let's quickly review how to tell the hour in Spanish.

Son las doce. (It's 12:00)

Es la una. (It's 1:00)

Son las dos. (It's 2:00)

Son las tres. (It's 3:00)

Son las cuatro. (It's 4:00)

Son las cinco. (It's 5:00)

Son las seis. (It's 6:00)

Son las siete. (It's 7:00)

Son las ocho. (It's 8:00)

Son las nueve. (It's 9:00)

Son las diez. (It's 10:00)

Son las once. (It's 11:00)

Telling the Minutes to 30

Now let's learn the minutes up to 30. ¿Qué hora es? Well, we know how to say the hour, son las tres. But it's not 3:00, it's 3:10. We also need to say the minutes. When we tell the minutes, we use the structure hours and minutes: Son las hora y minuto.

In this case, we would say:

Son las tres y diez.

¿Qué hora es?

Son las seis y veintidós.

Remember, if it is 1:00, we say, es la una, and use the structure Es la hora y minuto.

So, how do you think we would say 1:25?

Es la una y veinticinco.

Another important thing to remember when telling the minutes is that we generally express 15 minutes as a quarter: y cuarto. It's 2:15. Son las dos y cuarto. It's two and a quarter.

The same is true for when it's 2:30. Instead of saying son las dos y treinta, it is generally said son las dos y media. Literally, it's 2 and a half.

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