Test Tube: Function in the Lab & Concept

Test Tube: Function in the Lab & Concept
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: John Williams
Test tubes are important pieces of laboratory equipment and have a wide variety of uses in the laboratory. They are very basic in structure, but useful in many different fields of science. This lesson discusses test tubes, their structure, and their functions.

Characteristics of a Test Tube

Scientists use a variety of tools to conduct experiments when working in laboratories. These tools vary in terms of complexity and function, but they are all important in scientific investigation. Basic laboratory equipment consists of items that are typically inexpensive and can be used frequently. One of the most basic of these tools is the test tube, and this lesson will discuss the functions and uses for this piece of equipment.

Test tubes are slender containers that hold small amounts of liquid and are used in scientific experiments. They can range between 50 mm to 250 mm in length and 13 and 20 mm in width. Test tubes are usually made of glass or plastic, but the ones that are made of glass are able to be used in heat-up situations. These tubes may also be known as boiling tubes, as they can be used to raise solutions and reactions to boiling temperature.

Test tubes may also vary in terms of specific characteristics. Some test tubes have a lipped opening, or mouth, while others may have a flat opening. Some test tubes are also designed to allow for a stopper or cork to be placed in the opening for mixing and storage. Finally, glass test tubes are often washable and re-usable, while plastic test tubes are typically thrown away.

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