Texas Declaration of Independence Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Corrie Boone

Corrie holds master's in elementary education, taught elementary ESL in the public schools for 5 years, and recently was teaching EFL abroad.

Did you know Texas was a country before it was a state in the United States? This freedom didn't come easy, but they were able to make a declaration of Independence from Mexico. Let's learn about how they did it.

The Republic of Texas

Texas has a rich history, including being its own country for a time before joining the United States - it was called the Republic of Texas. It's the only one of the 50 states that can say that! But being an independent country, free from everyone else's rule, didn't come easy. Let's talk a little bit about the struggle Texans went through to declare their independence.

The official seal of the Republic of Texas.
seal republic of Texas

Before Being a Country

Before becoming its own country, Texas was a part of Mexico. In the early 1800s, Texas didn't have many people living in it so the Mexican government opened it up to citizens from America, who brought their goods, services, and profits to Mexico. Americans jumped on this opportunity, quickly moved into Texas, and within just a few years they outnumbered the Mexicans 10 to 1.

Not wanting to lose control, the Mexican government reversed their law and stopped allowing American citizens to move in. However, after just a few years the Americans decided they didn't want to be a part of Mexico anymore. They made two requests for separate statehood from Mexico, but were denied both times, leading to the Texas Revolution.

The Texas Revolution

The Texas Revolution was a series of battles fought between the Mexican army and the Texas army. The Texans won the first four battles, fought between October and December 1835, despite the Mexican army being bigger and stronger. On March 1st, the Texans held the Convention of 1836 to write their declaration of independence and form their own government.

The Declaration of Independence was a document that, like their own constitution, acted as their official claim of independence from Mexico. It focused on the rights of the citizens of the new Republic of Texas. The document was signed and formally adopted on March 2nd, the very next day!

The actual Declaration of Independence document.
declaration of independence

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