Thailand Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer has taught elementary levels K-3 and has master's degrees in elementary education and curriculum/instruction and educational leadership.

Thailand is a country located in central Asia. In this lesson, discover the history and cultural traditions of the Thai people. Learn about the geography and biodiversity of this beautiful nation.

The Country of Siam

Close your eyes and visualize a country with beautiful beaches and bright blue water, diverse wildlife, colorful temples, and markets on the water! No, this isn't a fairy tale, this is what you will find in the Asian country of Thailand. This country is located in the middle of the Asian continent, and it was called Siam until the late 1930s.

Thailand is located in the middle of several Asian countries including Cambodia and Myanmar, and it borders the Gulf of Thailand.
Thailand map


In its very early history, the area that is now Thailand was ruled by a series of kings. At one point there was even a king who was only fifteen years old! The country's kings were absolute monarchs, which meant that they had total power and did not have to answer to anyone. One of these rulers, King Rama I, moved the country's capital to Bangkok, which is still the capital today.

Eventually there was a revolution, which changed the government so that the king did not have total power anymore. In the last hundred years, Thailand's history has had some challenges. Japan invaded and forced Thailand to fight in World War II. There has been some unrest with the government in recent years, and in 2004 a natural disaster known as a tsunami hit the coast of Thailand. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed, and buildings were completely destroyed.

People and Culture

Even though the country's history has not always been positive, the people of Thailand have a unique and strong culture. In fact, the country has the nickname of 'The Land of a Thousand Smiles!' Most of Thailand's citizens practice the religion of Buddhism, and throughout the country there are many beautiful Buddhist temples.

Buddhist temples are a common sight throughout Thailand.
Temple in Thailand

Although there are several large cities in Thailand, most people live in rural villages. These villages are agricultural, meaning that people there are farmers and grow crops. However, now many younger people leave their small villages for a few months or years to work in larger cities. Can you imagine leaving your home for a few months to work in a strange big city?

Thailand is quite famous for the delicious food! Traditional Thai meals include lots of spices and seasonings, and usually rice is a part of almost every dish. This is probably because rice is the number one crop grown in Thailand.

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