Thanksgiving Math Activities for High School

Instructor: Grace Pisano

Grace has taught high school history in several states with a master's degree in teaching.

Using math activities based on Thanksgiving will keep your students focused and engaged as they anticipate the holiday. These activities were designed with high school students in mind.

Thanksgiving Math Activities

As the holidays approach, your students will become more focused on the celebration at hand and less focused on their school work. An excellent way to combat this is by linking content with the holiday. In this resource you will find a collection of math activities for your high school students to complete near Thanksgiving. There are opportunities for both group and individual work in these activities. Additionally, there is flexibility in the type of math skills used so that you can incorporate it into a variety of math classes.

Word Problem Swap

For this activity, students will write a word problem based on Thanksgiving using their math curriculum skills. The great thing about word problems is that they can be linked to any skills and they help students see the real-world application of what they're learning. Begin by writing a Thanksgiving-based word problem of your own. Present it to students (this is a great warm-up activity when they first come into class). Then, instruct students to write and solve their own word problem.

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