Thanksgiving Reading Activities

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Use Thanksgiving activities to enhance reading skills with your students. This lesson provides several ideas and suggestions for encouraging kids to read and relate to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Fun Reading Activities for Thanksgiving

One of the greatest challenges, and opportunities, for teachers to enhance the joy of reading is to coordinate reading activities to holidays and events. Thanksgiving is a holiday that can encourage fun reading activities. Use the activities below to create fun Thanksgiving reading activities for your students.

Turkey Feathers

Create a large turkey with tail feathers that can be removed. Ask generic questions on each feather. Allow each student to take a turn picking a feather and discuss the questions with the class. On the feathers, you can write questions like:

What is the author's name?

Who are the characters in the book?

What is the main theme of the book?

Where is the story set?

What problems did the characters face?

What did the characters do to fix the problems?

What mistakes did the characters make?

What good choices did the characters make?

What is your favorite part of the book?

What would you change about the story?


Music is a tool that positively reinforces reading abilities. Not only is it fun to play quiet background music in the class, Thanksgiving music can give kids a fun way to implement music and reading. Type out the words to songs and let the kids read and sing along. The rhythm of the music and the words will help the students enjoy reading and music together. You can enhance the song by giving kids chopsticks to use as drumsticks on their desks.

Vocabulary Related to Thanksgiving

Have the kids brainstorm words that are related to Thanksgiving. Some of the words may include Pilgrims, Native Americans, turkey, Plymouth Rock, feast, etc. Once a decent size list is created, twenty words or so, the kids can work together in groups, or as a classroom, to write a story. Each of the words needs to be included at least once. Sometimes the story will end up being silly, which makes it even more memorable for the students.

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