The Adventure of Silver Blaze Characters

Instructor: Joe Ricker

Joe has a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

While setting and plot are important components to any story, so are the characters. The cast in this Sherlock Holmes adventure reveal a sinister plot where the victim is really the villain, and the villain is really the victim.

The Cast of Characters

Characters are a crucial element in The Adventure of Silver Blaze. As much detail is put into them as the setting and plot, which makes The Adventure of Silver Blaze a compelling story filled with characters shambling through this adventure with little hope for an answer until Sherlock Holmes arrives. Each character is a separate detail, and when all the details are examined, Holmes solves the case of the missing horse and its murdered trainer.

Sherlock Holmes

Holmes is the hero or protagonist of the story, which is pretty common considering the stories usually involve him solving a case that seems impossible to solve. Holmes has taken a special interest in this case, and it's affected him greatly. Watson describes it as follows:

'There was but one problem before the public which could challenge his powers of analysis, and that was the singular disappearance of the favorite for the Wessex Cup, and the tragic murder of its trainer.'

Dr. Watson

Watson is Holmes' trustworthy and faithful companion. He is also the narrator of these adventures with Sherlock Holmes, offering the reader insight into the movements of the famed independent detective. In this particular case, Watson asks to accompany Holmes to King's Pyland, in Dartmoor, where the crime took place. Holmes is happy to have him, and reveals the importance of having Watson along to discuss the facts in the case in the following passage.

'I shall enumerate them to, for nothing clears up a case so much as stating it to another person, and I can hardly expect your co-operation if I do not show you the position from which we start.'

Silver Blaze

Silver Blaze is a champion race horse favored to win the Wessex Cup, a prestigious race in England. He is also the unlikely villain in the story. He's owned by Colonel Ross and marked by a flash of white down the front of his head. Blaze is also responsible for the death of John Straker, who was trying to injure the horse to prevent it from winning. The horse does win the Wessex Cup, though, but his tell-tale markings have been covered during the race, so Colonel Ross doesn't realize that Blaze has actually won.

John Straker

Straker is employed by Colonel Ross at King's Pyland as a horse trainer. A former jockey, and a man leading a double life, he planned to sabotage the Wessex Cup race and Silver Blaze's chances of winning in order to make money. His plan was to clip one of Silver Blaze's tendons to lame the horse. His efforts are foiled when Silver Blaze spooks and kicks him in the head, killing him, which makes the victim in this story the real villain.

Fitzroy Simpson

Simpson is a stranger who wanders onto King's Pyland, where he is seeking out information on the famed race horse Silver Blaze and any other information he can find to better his bets at the Wessex Cup. His cravat is found with John Straker after his murder, and the staff that Simpson carries is thought to be the murder weapon. He is apprehended and held on suspicion of Straker's murder.

Colonel Ross

Ross is the owner of Silver Blaze and other horses at King's Pyland, where his training stables are kept. He is described by Holmes as 'cavalier' and his arrogance around Holmes motivates Holmes to have a little fun with Ross by not revealing that he has solved the case. However, Holmes reveals the truth to him after Silver Blaze wins the Wessex Cup, four days after Holmes solves the crime.

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