The Benefits of Creating a Unique Proactive Care Strategy

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  • 1:14 Creating Loyal Customers
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Allison Tanner

Allison has a Masters of Arts in Political Science. She has worked in the customer service and food industry since 2013.

Imagine addressing problems before they are a problem. This lesson will discuss the benefits of using a proactive care strategy and how a unique strategy can maximize your results!

Proactive Customer Care

Providing top notch customer care is extremely important to Jammin Delivery. In fact, Jammin has always had great customer care. The last several years they have been ranked number one for their fast, efficient, and successful resolution of customers' problems. Despite having great reactive customer service, which means they do a phenomenal job responding to problems once they arise, Jammin has lost several customers to their rival, Boomers.

Why is Boomers acquiring Jammin's customers? Well, Boomers doesn't wait for a call from an angry customer whose package wasn't delivered on time. Instead, Boomers will call customers to make sure that items were delivered on time and ask if everything arrived as expected. This is known as proactive customer care, meaning that Boomers reaches out to customers before a problem arises.

Benefits of Proactive Customer Care

When a company reaches out before a problem arises they can both prevent and resolve customer conflicts, and it can be highly beneficial for a company to identify and resolve potential issues before the customer is upset. Two important benefits of proactive customer care include:

  • Creating loyal customers
  • Acquiring new customers

Creating Loyal Customers

By preventing or addressing problems before they occur, proactive customer care can help to increase customer loyalty, or the desire of the customer to use one company's products or services. Imagine that Boomers' customer Mike is supposed to receive an important package by noon. The driver was caught up in traffic and won't be able to deliver the package on time. Instead of just delivering the package late, the driver calls Mike to let him know he is going to be late. In order to help make up for the delay, they will waive the delivery fee and offer him his next delivery free.

Boomers didn't deliver the package with an apology. Instead, they took the time to let Mike know that a problem was going to occur. Because of this, Mike decides that he will only use Boomers for his delivery needs.

Acquiring New Customers

Even if Boomers has several loyal customers, they still want to grow and acquire new customers. When a company uses a proactive customer care plan, they are able to establish a good reputation. This reputation can be spread by word of mouth or company reviews.

Word of Mouth

Mike and most of Boomers' other customers are so pleased with Boomers' proactive customer care that they tell everyone they know to use their delivery service. With a 'booming' reputation via word of mouth, Boomers is able to acquire new customers who might have used other services.

Company Reviews

In today's tech savvy world, most customers do online research about different companies they are interested in using. For instance, when a customer logs in to see customer reviews of Jammin, they may come across a review that says:

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