The Benefits of Understanding the Big Picture at Work

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: LeRon Haire
In this lesson, we'll review the concept of understanding the big picture in the workplace and discuss the various benefits and advantages of having this knowledge.

The Big Picture

Imagine that you are working as an employee in an empty building with nothing posted on the outside. You are in an empty room and have been advised that your job is to use tools and instructions (which are given to you), to build two small robotic feet. As you work, you become distracted because you can't quite understand the purpose of this project. The distraction causes you to prolong completing the construction of the robotic feet.

Weeks later, you are informed that the two small robotic feet were part of a larger robot, which would be used for space missions. Now that you've been informed of the bigger picture, it all makes sense to you.

Let's take a closer look and review some of the benefits of understanding the big picture at work.


Whether it's at work, at home, or in a social setting, people are constantly seeking clarity about things that they don't understand. Clarity can be defined as the ability to understand something without doubts or questions. You became distracted while working because there was no clarity as to why you were instructed to build two small robotic feet. If you had been initially informed of the reason why you were asked to build the robotic feet, you may have been able to complete the job at a faster rate.

Businesses and organizations should make it a priority to not only explain to their employees how to perform their duties, but it's also just as important to explain why. By doing so, people will be able to understand the direction in which a business is going and can align their objectives accordingly with the job. The ability to see and understand the big picture clearly is a key benefit because people can see just how their responsibilities support the organization.

Purpose & Self-fulfillment

While clarity is an important benefit to understanding the big picture at work, it's not the only benefit. One of the more rewarding benefits to seeing the entire picture at work is purpose and self-fulfillment. Each business and organization has its own mission and purpose. While the mission of an organization is to provide a set of steps that explains how you plan on arriving at your destination and goals, the purpose explains why an organization exists. The purpose of an organization is often tied to its employees' self-fulfillment. It can be defined as an emotion or feeling of personal satisfaction and happiness derived from a meaningful objective that has been met.

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