The Big Five Personality Traits & Workplace Behavior

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  • 1:35 Openness to Experience
  • 2:26 Conscientousness
  • 3:19 Extraversion
  • 4:03 Agreeableness
  • 4:51 Neuroticism
  • 5:23 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
Personality has a direct impact on the behaviors of employees at work. People's behavior patterns can be broken into a Big Five Personality Model (also known as O.C.E.A.N.), which will help companies understand workplace behavior.

Personality and Observable Traits

Fun Town OCEAN Water Park's Human Resource Manager, Ms. Persa Nality, has been given the task of placing five new employees with jobs this upcoming season. The five employees have just completed corporate training and are now looking to start their very first week of work with the amusement park. The five employees are Greg Garious, Abe Agreeable, Harry Hardworking, Ned Nervous and Cary Creative.

Human resource managers must be able to identify individual behaviors and traits so that they can understand workers' different personalities. Personality is a relatively stable set of characteristics that influence an individual's behavior. These personalities need to be understood so that the company can use their observable traits and skills in the correct job or avenue. Persa also will be able to motivate and train her new employees better if she has a picture of their personality traits.

Personality traitsBig Five Personality ModelO.C.E.A.N.

Openness to Experience

The graphic design department at Fun Town needs to revamp their park maps, brochures and website. They have told Persa that they need a candidate who has excellent creative skills and is well-trained. The Big Five personality traits' first section is openness to experience. This trait involves people who are creative, curious and cultured.

Persa feels that Cary Creative is just what the design department needs to fix their problems. Cary trained at an art school and has the technical knowledge to revamp the website. His previous supervisors have stated that he is very creative and can even handle presentations to the CEOs of companies. Persa now needs to help find Harry a job with the company.


Harry Hardworking has spent many years climbing the corporate ladder in the entertainment field. He recently left a movie company and is looking forward to working for Fun Town OCEAN Water Park. Harry has been pegged as having the second Big Five personality trait - conscientiousness. This means Harry is hardworking, organized and dependable.

Persa realizes how valuable these traits are in an employee, as this means he will be motivated, not be absent from work and perform at the top of his game. She feels he will be of most help to the water park in handing the day-to-day operations of the park. He will be offered the director of park operations position. Harry promises Persa he will not get caught up in insignificant details but will remain flexible when handling overwhelming tasks of running the park daily. Persa is extremely happy with her placements so far within the park. Greg Garious is next, and his background is filled with huge accomplishments.


Mr. Greg Garious has a very impressive resume consisting of years of successful sales and marketing positions. His personality traits categorize him in the extraversion section. This means that he is gregarious, assertive and sociable. People who have these traits tend to be very satisfied in their careers and receive promotions very easily. This trait is also found in most talented managers.

Persa has decided that based on his past jobs and his personality trait of extraversion, he should be the new marketing manager for the water park. His assertive traits will be very helpful in managing people and getting tasks accomplished. Persa's next assignment is to analyze Abe Agreeable's personality traits and to place him within the organization.

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