The Bloodbottler in the BFG

Instructor: Jenny Homer

Jenny has masters' degrees in public health and public administration.

In this lesson, we'll get to know the Bloodbottler, one of the giants in Roald Dahl's 'The BFG'. As his name suggests, he's not a very friendly giant. Find out more in the lesson below.

The Nine Giants in The BFG

Roald Dahl's The BFG is named for one of the main characters, the Big Friendly Giant. There are other giants in the book who are bigger than the BFG, but they're not friendly at all.

These nine giants spend their nights traveling to different places around the world to eat people. In the end, the BFG and a girl named Sophie team up and help capture the giants, who are kept at the bottom of a very deep pit in England.

This lesson focuses on one of these giants, the Bloodbottler, who is a gross or ''gruesome sight.'' It is much more than just how he looks that makes the Bloodbottler such a ''ghastly brute'' (someone who is rough and mean). In the chapter ''The Bloodbottler,'' Sophie gets a (very) close-up look at the Bloodbottler's appearance, behavior, and attitude.

Who is the Bloodbottler?

Roald Dahl vividly describes what the Bloodbottler looks like. He's 50 feet tall, much bigger than the BFG. The only thing he's wearing is a ''dirty little piece of cloth around his bottom.'' He has reddish-pink skin; black hair on his arms, stomach, and chest; long and messy hair on his head; and a ''foul face'' with black eyes and a small nose.

The Bloodbottler's huge and greedy mouth takes up most of his face. His lips look like ''two gigantic purple frankfurters,'' or hot dogs, and he has ''craggy yellow teeth.'' Even yuckier are the ''rivers of spit'' that cover his chin.

The Bloodbottler has lips like frankfurters.

Sophie Meets the Bloodbottler

The Bloodbottler goes into the BFG's cave, where Sophie is sitting on the BFG's table. She and the BFG are talking and eating a snozzcumber, a disgusting vegetable.

A snozzcumber is kind of like a cucumber.

From the moment we meet the Bloodbottler, we can see that he isn't a nice guy. With a ''voice like thunder,'' he calls the BFG ''Runt'' because he's smaller than the other giants. He heard the BFG talking and wants to know whether the BFG is hiding a human somewhere.

The Bloodbottler acts like a bully. He points ''a finger as large as a tree-trunk at the BFG,'' calls him names like a ''piffling little swishfiggler,'' and grabs his arm.

The Bloodbottler has fingers like tree trunks.

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