The Call of the Wild Discussion Questions

Instructor: Nola Bridgens

Nola has taught elementary school and tutored for four years. She has a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, a master's degree in Marketing, and is a certified teacher.

The novel 'The Call of the Wild' by Jack London has many deep topics for interpretation. This lesson will give you ideas of questions to discuss and think about.

Themes in The Call of the Wild

While the novel itself is a good read about one dog's journey, there are many important themes that are prevalent throughout The Call of the Wild by Jack London. A theme is the meaning behind the story or the moral of the story. For example, the difference between civilization and wilderness is a main theme throughout the novel.

The struggle for mastery is also presented through the novel, as well as the power of natural instincts. Several people in The Call of the Wild attempt to help Buck and show him kindness despite the harsh conditions. There are many themes to discuss in this novel that are open for interpretation by the reader. This lesson will present ideas for discussion questions organized by theme.


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