The Cay Chapter 6 Summary

Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany has taught special education in grades PK-5 and has a master's degree in special education.

In the previous chapter of ''The Cay,'' Timothy began to act as Phillip's eyes. In chapter six, we will see another way that Timothy helps Phillip, and learn about something important that Timothy sees, too.


Did you ever want something very badly, but when you get it, it turns out to be not quite as good as you hoped? Maybe you get a toy or game but it breaks quickly, or you go on a school field trip but it rains the whole time. Maybe what you get is not what you expected. This is what Phillip experiences when he and Timothy finally near the end of their time on the raft.


Timothy shouts ''I see an island!''

Phillip is so excited that he trips and falls overboard. He starts yelling for Timothy. He knows how to swim, but can't see where the raft is. He feels something touch his leg, but it isn't Timothy. Then he hears Timothy splash into the water also, screaming about sharks. Timothy drags Phillip back to the raft and climbs back aboard himself. Timothy is angry, and tells Phillip to crawl on the raft from now on - no more standing. There are sharks around all the time.

Land Ahead!

As Phillip and Timothy calm down, they remember that Timothy had seen an island. Timothy describes it to Phillip. The island is about two miles away, and the current is taking the raft toward the island. The island looks pretty, with a white beach, sea grape bushes, and twenty or thirty palm trees. But the island is very small - there are no people, no food, and no fresh water sources on that island. Phillip is deeply disappointed that the island he has been waiting for does not have people or phones or a way to get back to his family.

The island is lined with sea grape bushes.
sea grape bush

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