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  • 0:03 ''The Chocolate Touch''
  • 0:21 Chapters 1-2
  • 1:27 Chapters 3-5
  • 2:10 Chapters 6-9
  • 3:18 Chapters 10-12
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Bryan Cowing

Bryan is a freelance writer who specializes in literature. He has worked as an English instructor, editor and writer for the past 10 years.

'The Chocolate Touch' is a book by Patrick Skene Catlin. It follows the tale of a boy named John who's cursed so that everything he puts into his mouth turns into chocolate. In this lesson, we'll take a look at the story chapter by chapter.

The Chocolate Touch

Delicious. That's probably the best way to describe The Chocolate Touch. Sure there is a moral in there somewhere about being careful what you wish for and about not being selfish, but still, who wouldn't want to eat chocolate every day? This lesson will provide a scrumptious summary of the story.

Chapters 1-2

The story begins by telling us that John Midas was usually a good boy. This name is telling, because the name Midas refers the Greek mythological character King Midas, who was cursed so that everything he touched, even his loved ones, turned to gold. John's mom was kind, and his dad gave him as much attention as possible. He was a decent student who played in the band. He was good friends with a girl named Susan. His only flaw was that he loved candy. He especially loved chocolate and never shared it with anyone. John's dad tries to convince him that there is a time and place for everything, including chocolate. His dad even tells him that eating so much chocolate makes his mother sad, but John still doesn't care.

While John is outside playing, he finds a coin on the ground. He plans to tell Susan about the coin, but he ends up turning left instead of right on his way to her house. While he is walking, he finds a candy shop that he never noticed before. The clerk asks if John should ask his mother before buying chocolate, but John buys it anyway using the coin that he found. He sneaks the chocolate home and eats it before he goes to sleep.

Chapters 3-5

When John wakes up, he brushes his teeth and the toothpaste tastes like chocolate. His breakfast also tastes like chocolate. When he goes to school, he nibbles on his glove, and it tastes like chocolate. A classmate named Spider teases John for eating his glove. John shows his bully that the glove is chocolate and Spider wants a bite. Spider tries it and is angry when the glove doesn't turn to chocolate. His friend Susan has a silver coin and tells John to bite it to see if it's real. He bites it, and the coin turns to chocolate. Susan says she hates John and runs away crying. Later in the day, John is thirsty from eating chocolate and goes to the water fountain. It turns to chocolate in his mouth. When he returns to class to take a test, he nibbles on his pencil, and it turns to chocolate.

Chapters 6-9

After the test, the teacher confiscates the chocolate pencil and tells John not to make up stories. When John goes out for recess, he tries to apologize to Susan, but she ignores him and then makes fun of him to her friends. He tries to explain the situation, but before he gets a chance to prove his curse, the bell rings. At lunch, John envies his schoolmates who are enjoying their non-chocolate lunches. He decides to try eating without letting the food touch his lips. John chooses healthy food including a salad and fresh fruit. When he tries to eat his lunch, of course, it turns to chocolate. In addition, his utensils begin turning to chocolate.

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