The Different Needs of Gifted Students in the Classroom

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Encouraging gifted kids is exciting and fun, for you and for them. However, finding the help, resources, and time to create special projects can be difficult. Use the ideas in this lesson to meet the needs of gifted kids in your classroom.

What are Gifted Students?

Gifted students are kids who excel in one or more aspects related to school or learning. Gifted children may show higher ability for learning, creative endeavors, artistic projects, leadership, or specialized areas. These students often are capable of doing work a grade or more higher than their current grade and excel in many different subjects. They have the ability to understand more advanced topics, instructions, and class work.

Let's imagine you have two students, Zoe and Jack, who demonstrate higher levels of understanding and reasoning than the majority of the kids in your classroom. They follow complicated directions and show greater skill in school and art. You pride yourself in teaching kids at their level and encourage every child to learn and progress. As a result, keeping Zoe and Jack busy, actively learning, and challenged is an opportunity for you.

Special Needs of Gifted Students

Gifted students may become distant from other children, or may struggle to get along with others if they have been pushed to learn or can't relate to children who don't learn as quickly. Additionally, they may get bored with their school work if they are not challenged.

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