The Exam Room in a Veterinary Office

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  • 0:02 The Exam Room
  • 0:57 Things Found in an Exam Room
  • 2:29 What Happens in an Exam Room
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Artem Cheprasov

Artem has a doctor of veterinary medicine degree.

This lesson will tell you what the exam room is, what's typically found in one, and what usually goes on in there, like history taking and the physical exam.

The Exam Room

Day 666 of my imprisonment. The devilish hand of my so-called master has once again fed me some sort of cold, sloppy mess out of a can. Even prisoners get a warm meal every now and then. As soon as I make my escape I'll lodge a complaint with PETA about this.

She baited me with some sort of green herbal mixture of hers. I call it catnip, because it helps nip cats away into solitary confinement cells they call carriers. I was forced to sit there, humiliated. I fell for it once again! She took me to some dastardly place called a vet's office for an exam.

And then the fun began. We entered the exam room, an area of a veterinary clinic or hospital where animals receive routine exams and simple treatments and medical staff collect pertinent history about a patient.

Just you wait as I tell you my tale about the exam room. It'll make your tail cower in fear, I tell ya!

Things Found in an Exam Room

While the dogs were allowed to prance into the exam rooms on their own, albeit with a noose around their neck lest they stray, I was embarrassingly carried into the exam room inside my port-a-prison. I still don't know what this vet's place is all about. But they all dress in strange colors, a vomit green, a depressing blue, a bland white. The lot of them. I told myself that I'll leave a mark or two on her for this when she inevitably pulls me out of here, and then I'll leave an extra mark on her furniture, walls, and plants when she lets me back out at home.

They plopped me onto a beautiful silvery exam table as my owner sat in the corner, where she belonged. Around me I saw a sink, too small for me to be washed in, but I still wondered: what if? On the walls, there were instruments to examine my eyes and ears, and on the counter tops, chemicals used for sanitation.

There were cabinets, stocked with medication of all sorts. Truth serum, maybe. Other cabinets had things they called bandaging material, although I just think they use that stuff to wrap blindfolds on around our heads, and plenty of syringes and needles in drawers for the truth serum too.

There was also a small scale in the corner for cats to be weighed in. I can't wait till they see how much she's starved me.

I also saw some posters on the wall showcasing my fellow cats and enemy dogs and a computer where apparently I was 'entered into'. But I never entered into the computer -- I was on the exam room table at all times, so I don't know what they meant by that.

What Happens in an Exam Room

As I finished scanning the exam room, my attention was diverted elsewhere.

Some woman was standing there, holding me, dressed in a psychedelically colored scrub top, and the doctor was next to her in her bland white coat. Versace must be spinning in his grave -- what a fashion faux pas!

Speaking of paws, they began to speak of trimming my nails with nail trimmers before leaving the exam room. There went my plan to ruin the furniture back at my captor's den.

The veterinarian began to obtain my history from my human in the exam room. A history is a conversation between the veterinarian and owner where the veterinarian asks the owner important questions that help assess things like an animal's current and previous health state, drug history, any changes since the last exam, and allows the veterinarian to gather clues as to what may be wrong and why.

During the history-taking, my captor claimed I had fleas that were bothering me. But she was lying. They may be pests, but they're the only constant companions I have as I etch a line into the furniture each day to mark the passage of one more day.

After hearing from my master that I may have fleas, the veterinarian began to perform a physical exam, a medical test where the veterinarian checks the general status of a patient's health and looks for signs of ailments or serious disease using their hands, eyes, ears, and nose.

After manhandling me in every which way and listening to my heart and lungs with a stethoscope, she did the unspeakable. I can't tell you the details and what it felt like. But it involved a thermometer and the silent but deadly release valve. She got my temperature. I'll leave it at that.

I was weighed, had my nails trimmed, and some sort of medication given for the fleas. But it wasn't over.

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