The Five Functions of Advertising: Definition & Roles

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  • 0:05 Function #1: Informing
  • 0:51 Function #2: Influencing
  • 1:28 Function #3:…
  • 1:59 Function #4: Adding Value
  • 2:32 Function #5: Other Efforts
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Sean Kennedy

Sean has 8 years experience as a supervisor and has an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

The five functions of advertising are all essential to the success of an organization. In this lesson, we discuss informing, influencing, increasing salience, adding value, and other company efforts.

Function #1: Informing

The Tropical T-shirt Company is looking for some new advertising techniques to build a stronger customer base. But could you imagine a company shooting a commercial without giving any information about the company or the product? The commercial would be a failure because it would not let consumers know more about the company.

The first of the five functions of advertising is informing, in which a company discusses information about its organization or product.

Informing consumers is an essential process that helps customers connect with the company and consider purchasing a product or service. Informing is important when promoting new products or services because consumers may not have any previous knowledge of a small company's products compared to those of a well-known brand.

Function #2: Influencing

Now that customers know more about the Tropical T-shirt Company, it's time for the company to convince consumers to purchase their products. The second of the five functions of advertising, influencing, helps convince consumers to purchase a product from a company.

The Tropical T-shirt Company wants to build the demand for their product. A lot of times, companies will try to influence consumers to switch from one brand to another. They'll use advertising to compare two brands and try to influence consumers to buy their product over their competitors' products. Companies often use comparisons to change consumer perceptions.

Function #3: Increasing Salience

Benefits of advertising include the ability to remind consumers about products or services. The third function of advertising, increasing salience, happens when consumers see a product or service in everyday life, remember the product or service, and purchase it.

Imagine the Tropical T-shirt Company produces a radio or television advertisement that plays a popular song. When customers hear the song in other contexts, eventually it will make them think of the product and maybe even buy it.

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