The Frog Prince Summary

Instructor: Beth Hendricks

Beth holds a master's degree in integrated marketing communications, and has worked in journalism and marketing throughout her career.

Sometimes keeping a promise can change your life. In this lesson, you'll learn more about a young princess who kept her promise and ended up with her 'happily ever after' in ''The Frog Prince.''

Keeping Your Promises

Have you ever made a promise and then had trouble keeping your word? Maybe you promised a friend you'd meet them after work, but you were just too tired to go. It could be that you promised yourself you'd stick closer to your diet and drop 10 pounds, but the bad food kept tempting you. Perhaps you promised a family member that you'd call the next time you were in their town, but it slipped your mind.

Keeping promises, whether to yourself, a family member or a friend, can be difficult, but not impossible. Sometimes, keeping a promise you make can be the best thing that ever happens to you! That's what the young princess in our fairy tale, The Frog Prince, finds out. Curious to hear her story? And why is it called The Frog Prince when we're talking about a princess?

There are several versions of this story, but this lesson summarizes one of the best-known versions. Read on to find out more about this story, which originated from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

Summarizing The Frog Prince

What would you do if you were walking along and lost your prized possession in a pond? Ask a talking frog to help you, of course!

The princess found her prince by keeping a small promise to an ugly frog.

When we first meet the frog prince, he's actually just an ordinary frog. But, he's a frog on a mission. A princess, out on a walk, is enjoying the evening air and playing with her favorite toy: a golden ball. Along her walk, she stops to rest at a spring where a rose is coming up from the midst of the water.

Continuing to throw and bounce her ball, she accidentally tosses it too high and fails to catch it when it comes back down. The ball rolls away and falls into the water ... deep down into the water. The princess is stricken. Her favorite toy is gone and she has no way to retrieve it. In her anguish, she cries out loud and says she would give up her regal clothing and jewelry to have her favorite plaything back in her hands.

With perfect timing, our frog comes along and wonders aloud why the princess is crying. The princess is taken aback, but tells the frog of her problem. The frog springs into action and says he can retrieve her ball under a certain set of conditions: the princess does not have to part with her fancy clothes or jewelry, but she must take the frog home, love him, feed him from her plate and let him sleep in her bed.

The princess is pretty sure that the frog has no possible way of making it all the way to her castle, but she agrees to the terms in order to get her possession back. The frog, true to his word, finds the ball and returns it to its owner. The princess is so happy that she snatches up the ball and runs home, never giving another thought to the promise she made to the frog.

The next day, the princess is greeted by a strange sound outside her dining room. The frog has made it all the way from the spring to remind the princess of their deal. Frightened, the princess refuses to let the frog in. It is the king, her father, who reminds her of the deal she struck and her commitment to keeping her promise.

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