The G0 Phase of the Cell Cycle

Instructor: Ebony Potts

Ebony has taught middle and high school physical science, life science & biology. She's also been an assistant principal and has a doctorate in educational administration.

What are the parts of the cell cycle? In which part of the cycle does a cell spend most of its time? In this lesson you will learn about the G0 phase of the cell cycle and why it is so important to the overall health of an organism.

Simply Remarkable

Have you ever wondered about how you were able to grow from an infant to a young child to the age you are today? Do you think you could count all of the things that have occurred in your body in that time frame? What about all of the accidents, scrapes and falls you have had since early childhood? What about the time you fell and scraped your knee, or the time you broke your finger? What happened when you stuck yourself with a pin or burned your arm? Do you still have all the scrapes and bruises from those accidents? Of course not. Your body is a remarkable machine! The human body is able to grow and heal itself from most minor - and even some major - damage without much outside help from you or a doctor. Your body has its own mechanisms and processes that go to work to help it grow and repair itself. One of the most important processes that is at the center of the body's remarkable ability to grow and repair itself is the cell cycle.

The Cell Cycle

The cell cycle is one of the most important processes that occur in any organism. Every organism is made up of cells. Each organism has what is known as a life cycle, in which the organism is born, carries out its life processes, and then dies. Each cell within that organism has a similar life cycle called the cell cycle. During the cell cycle cells are born, or duplicated, they carry out their life processes and then they die. But what is a cell doing when it is not making duplicates or copies of itself? The cell enters what is called the G0 phase.

The cell spends all of its life in one of three stages: interphase, mitosis and G0. Interphase is a set of steps a cell goes through in preparation for mitosis. Mitosis is the process the cell goes through in order to divide or make a copy of itself. G0 is the phase in which a cell spends most of it's life, and that's the focus of the rest of our lesson.

The Cell Cycle
Cell Cycle

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