The Giver Literature Circle Activities

Instructor: Nora Jarvis

Nora has a Master's degree in teaching, and has taught a variety of elementary grades.

'The Giver' is the dystopian novel by Lois Lowry that explores the nature of humanity. Literature circles are a medium for your students to explore the text in a student-led forum. Use these activity ideas as prompts for your students.

How to Use a Literature Circle

When your class is reading The Giver by Lois Lowry, literature circles can be a powerful way for students to analyze the book. They provide an opportunity for students to learn from one another's ideas. As students become more comfortable, they will develop their listening and speaking skills, all while exploring the text more deeply.

A key aspect of literature circles is that students come to their meetings prepared. This might include a journal where students write notes before their literature circle, or post-its that the students write notes on and stick in their copy of the book.

As your students read this dystopian novel, ignite their discussion with these activities.

What's Going to Happen Next?

At the end of the chapter, have students make a prediction about what is going to happen next in the book. You might consider having students do this at the point when Jonas begins work with The Giver, or when Jonas' father brings Gabriel home. Encourage students to make an educated prediction based realistically on the events of the book, not just a wild guess. Students should explain why they think their prediction makes sense, and use information from the book to support their thoughts.

Your Favorite Character

Ask students to write a profile of their favorite character, possibly Jonas, The Giver, Gabriel or Jonas' father. Their profile should describe what the character is like and what the character has done so far in the book. Students should also explain why this character is their favorite. What has the character done that students admire? In their literature circles, students can share their favorite characters and debate which characters are the most interesting.

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