The Golden Ratio Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Binish Shingari

Binish has internship field work experience in classroom guidance lessons as a Professional School Counselor and has a Master's of Education in School Counseling.

The golden ratio is a special number that is used in many subjects, such as math and art. In this lesson, you will learn about the golden ratio and what it has been used for.

Golden Ratio

The golden ratio is approximately equal to 1.618 and is properly known as phi in the Greek language. To help us understand the idea behind the golden ratio, let's think of a string of yarn. We can cut this string at any point. However, when we cut this string at the golden ratio number (1.618), then the ratio of the large part of the string to the smaller part of the string is exactly the same as the ratio of the whole string to the large part of the string.

The golden ratio

Let's use different chocolate bar sizes as an example. We have to make some assumptions for this example to work. We have to assume that the measurement of a chocolate Mini Size bar is 0.382, that the measurement of a chocolate Fun Size bar is 0.618, and that the measurement of a chocolate Full Size bar is 1. With this assumption, we can say that the ratio of a Fun Size bar to a Mini Size bar is exactly the same as the ratio of a Full Size bar to a Fun Size bar.

Full Size chocolate bar

Fun Size chocolate bar and Mini Size chocolate bar

Golden Ratio Uses

The concept of the golden ratio is important because there are many natural and man-made occurrences that utilize and rely on the golden ratio.

The golden ratio has been used in the geometric shape and design of many buildings, such as the Great Pyramids of Egypt. The ratio of the top part of the pyramid to the bottom part of the pyramid is the same as the ratio of the bottom part of the pyramid to the whole pyramid.

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