The Hobbit Vocabulary Words

Instructor: Elisha Madison

Elisha is a writer, editor, and aspiring novelist. She has a Master's degree in Ancient Celtic History & Mythology and another Masters in Museum Studies.

The Hobbit is the infamous story of Bilbo Baggins and his journey to help get the lands back for the Dwarves. He is the group's resident thief but also becomes their conscience as they fight for their home. Written by J.R.R. Tolkien, the vocabulary and writing style showcases Tolkien's education and love of mythology.

Quick Book Synopsis

The Hobbit, prequel and origination story to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is about Bilbo Baggins a shireling that is used to an ordinary and well-maintained life. It is all thrown into chaos once his friend, an old wizard named Gandalf, volunteers Bilbo to be a thief for a displaced family of dwarves.

The dwarves are trying to get their home and land back from a dragon. Bilbo learns the value of spontaneity and adventure in this story, while the dwarves, especially its leader Thorin Oakenshield, learns the power of kindness and friendship. All of this is illustrated vividly through J.R.R. Tolkien's diverse vocabulary, showcasing the educational background of the author.

Vocabulary Chapters 1-4

The first four chapters of this story shows the challenges and troubles Bilbo Baggins has to endure at the start of the story, but it is just a preview of what is to come.

Depredation - The act of plundering or pillaging.

Haughty - Arrogant or superior.

Flummox - Confused or bewildered.

Audacious - Adventurous, willing to take risks.

Devour - To eat eagerly.

Reverence - A feeling of respect or honor for someone.

Scarce - Meager, very little of something.

Outlandish - Weird or unusual in a large way.

Defray - To take on the expenses of something.

Purloin - To steal something from someone or something.

Venerable - Very honored.

Ingenious - Very smart and clever, showing skill.

Vocabulary Chapters 5-8

In these chapters Bilbo is involved with the dwarves, and realizing the danger that is involved in deciding to help them. He is also coming to terms with life on the road.

Gall - To irritate or annoy.

Brood - To think heavily or moodily on something.

Haste - Hurry

Abominable - Terribly bad or awful.

Onslaught - a quick onset of something bad.

Clamor - Outcry of a large group of people, constant.

Scorch - Destroyed by fire.

Tumult - Confusion or commotion.

Unimpeachable - Unable to reproach a person or thing.

Lament - Sadness given voice.

Wearisome - So boring that you tire of it.

Loathsome - Incredibly disgusting.

Vocabulary Chapters 9-11

These chapters continue to depict the chaos that surrounds the characters while trying to get back their home. You also get to see the kingly attitude from Thorin Oakenshield, and its affect on those around him.

Surly - Easily angered.

Rouse - To waken things or people.

Jostle - Bump into things roughly.

Eddy - Water or liquids that flow circularly.

Ominous - Foreshadowing of bad things to come.

Vagabond - A person who belongs nowhere and travels.

Waylay - Hiding and waiting to attack someone.

Enmity - Feeling very angry or ill towards someone.

Obscure - Hard to find, hidden.

Bleak - Something that gives no help, food, or shelter.

Desolation - A place that is in great decay and disrepair.

Maraud - To raid in search of treasure.

Vocabulary Chapters 12-14

The dwarves and Bilbo are facing perilous times as they continue their fight, while the leader of the dwarves is dealing with his own internal demons and cravings for gold.

Esteemed - Well respected, or honored.

Bellow - Loud shout with no words.

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