The Importance of a Healthy Employer-Employee Relationship

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Rachel Shipley

Rachel has worked with several businesses developing policies on customer experience and administration.

In this lesson, you'll learn why it's important for a company to prioritize building good relationships between employers and employees. You'll also explore the benefits that go along with those relationships.

Relationships Matter

It's 9:05 am, and your supervisor hasn't shown up yet. You silently pray that the time keeps ticking away and that she isn't coming in. Finally! A day where you can sit back and relax without someone breathing down your neck. Checking up on Facebook and Instagram seems to be in the cards for you today - you deserve this vacation from the dragon queen! We've all had that boss. You know, the one we can't stand who makes us have an internal battle every morning of whether or not today's the day we quit.

In business, developing healthy employer-employee relationships is critical to driving employee productivity and fostering loyalty. In the example, the supervisor has not developed a healthy relationship with her staff. She is not missed when she is gone, and productivity does not march on without her there to micromanage - not an ideal situation.

Employers should focus on the long term when they are developing relationships with their employees. Investing in employees' futures will bring about trust, openness, and honesty. There are many benefits (on both sides) that can be gained from having trusted relationships with your employees. Let's take a closer look.


When companies only have a narrow focus on production and profits, it leads to dissatisfied employees, which then trickles down and leads to lower profits in the long run. When you build good relationships with employees, it leads to more motivated employees, which then leads to employees who are more productive and committed to their jobs. That then leads to an increase in production and better quality. Where does that all lead? If you're thinking MORE PROFIT, you're exactly right.

While more profit, increased motivation, and production are all excellent benefits, it seems a bit one-sided, right? Relationships aren't just meant to benefit the employer; strong employer-employee relationships also benefit employees.

Employees desire to feel challenged and motivated by their jobs. When they have a good relationship with their boss, their needs are met in those areas, and they are typically satisfied with their work environment. Having a good relationship with their employer also provides a positive identity for an employee. They can feel secure in their job and have trust that their employer understands and appreciates them and what they have to offer.

A joint benefit of strong employer-employee relationships is morale, or the discipline, confidence, and enthusiasm of the company. While morale is of vital importance to a business, it's also crucial to the other employees working. No one wants to work in an environment where people don't get along - employers or employees. Therefore, relationships are beneficial across the board, not just with employees that may show promise. Relationships should be developed with all employees; an employer may be missing out on great talent because someone needs just a bit more development and vice versa.

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