The Importance of Good Communication with Customers

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Sarah Bennett

Sarah has a Bachelor's degree in English and has taught for several years. She also has her Technical Writing Certification.

In this lesson, you will learn the importance of developing great communication skills with your customers. Learn more about how to apply these skills for clear and successful communication within the customer service setting.

Communicating with Customers

It is incredibly important that you develop the best communication skills possible with your customers. Some of these skills include speaking clearly, effectively, efficiently, and politely. You also need to employ empathetic listening in your customer service setting. Excellent communication skills are important because communicating in this way shows customers that you understand what they actually mean instead of what they are simply saying.

Speaking Clearly and Effectively

Speaking clearly and effectively with your customers is an extremely important skill. You want to be able to explain procedures, policies, and other aspects of your company to your customers so they walk away without any questions. Clear and effective speaking also gives the customer a good impression of you as well as your company. Customers do not want to speak with someone who mumbles or cannot articulate points clearly. Lastly, speaking effectively leaves no room for error. Both you and the customer have a solid understanding of the company or the issue that you are fixing for them. This sort of understanding will lead to a long lasting relationship with the customer.

Speaking Efficiently and Politely

Customers want their questions answered as quickly as possible and in a polite manner. Doing this shows that your company appreciates their business. Speaking efficiently shows that you are knowledgeable on the topic or problem you are speaking to the customer about. It is all about getting right to the point instead of going off on a different subject. As mentioned earlier, customers want the answer fast! Speaking politely to your customers is extremely important, as this is a sign of respect and a reflection of the company and its reputation. I am pretty sure that everyone can remember a time when they dealt with a rude employee. It doesn't exactly make you want to return to that place of business again.

Employing Empathetic Listening

Empathetic listening also should be integrated into every customer service situation and department, and it shows the customer that you are listening and understanding what they are saying to you. You put yourself in the customer's position and make it a judgment-free zone so they feel comfortable talking with you. Make sure you are maintaining eye contact, nodding when appropriate, and apologizing. The goal of empathetic listening is to have the customer know that you understand exactly what their problem is and that you have a clear understanding of what happened. The customer should feel that you are just as upset as them about the issue and that you will do everything you can to correct it.

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