The Importance of Influence in Sales & Negotiations

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  • 0:03 What Is Influence?
  • 0:43 The Importance of Influence
  • 2:18 Application of Influence
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Artem Cheprasov

Artem has a doctor of veterinary medicine degree.

This lesson goes over the importance of influence in sales. You'll learn how the sales context changes the way you influence, as well as get some pointers on how to influence sales.

What Is Influence?

Would you say you are influential? Actually, let's back up for a second. What does influence even mean? Influence refers to the ability of someone or something to affect the trajectory of someone or something else. That's to say, to alter the course or nature of something as a result of your actions, words, and so on. In a nutshell, that's influence.

If you're involved in sales, which naturally involves negotiation, then you probably rely on some form or degree of influence in order to conduct your negotiations and close a sale. In this lesson, we go over the importance of this influence to sales and negotiations.

The Importance of Influence

Influence is important in sales for an obvious reason: it can help change a person's mind and close a deal. But why, and, perhaps more importantly, how? Well, the way you try to influence a person's buying decision can alter their sales experience. If you're too pushy, you'll scare them away. If you're too timid, you won't convince them to change their mind. So, therefore, influence drives a customer's sales experience and that's why it's so important you play your cards right.

The opposite is true as well. This means that the context of sales and negotiations can affect how you influence someone. In the world of science, using hard-hitting facts and figures will do you a world of good at influencing a scientist to consider another point of view. However, gone are the days when such a strategy alone worked in sales and negotiations. Thanks to the internet and Google, people have easy access to contrary facts and figures that can rip your facts-based sales and negotiation strategy apart. This is why really experienced and skilled negotiators and sales professionals also rely on different strategies within the context of sales to influence others.

Key strategies include empathizing with the customer and showing them the value of a product as it applies to them, as opposed to a black-and-white fact of why the product is objectively superior. That is to say, softer, indirect, or more personalized approaches to influencing an individual are best, as they tend to lead to self-persuasion, where the client (thanks to your gentle influence) persuades themselves to do something. After all, it's much easier to believe oneself and one's own judgment than another's.

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