The Importance of Scheduling for Lawyers

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  • 0:03 Importance of Scheduling
  • 0:54 To-Do Lists for Lawyers
  • 1:22 Digital Scheduling for Lawyers
  • 1:58 Reverse Scheduling for Lawyers
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Sean Kennedy

Sean has 8 years experience as a supervisor and has an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

Lawyers often have piles of paperwork to complete. In this lesson, we will discuss ways lawyers can be more organized and complete all their work while meeting deadlines.

Importance of Scheduling

Imagine working in a law office that just went with the flow and didn't utilize scheduling. Chances are there would be complete chaos, and lawyers wouldn't know if they were coming or going.

Organized scheduling allows lawyers to make appointments, meet clients, and reach deadlines on time. Being organized is an essential part of being a lawyer. It helps avoid office interruptions from drop-in clients, numerous phone calls, and losing focus. Being a lawyer can be difficult at times, but by using different organization skills it allows for things to be less stressful for a lawyer.

Let's say you're a lawyer at a large law firm. There are two other lawyers but it's your practice. You have paperwork all over your desk and cannot seem to keep up with all the work that is due. Let's talk about some methods you can use to improve.

To-Do Lists for Lawyers

To-do lists allow lawyers to write their many tasks down onto paper to help them to remember all the work that needs to be completed. A to-do list may look overwhelming, but remember that not everything will have to be completed at once. You can arrange the items by deadlines to help have a clear picture of when work needs to be completed by. Writing all the information down will allow a lawyer to know what has to be completed, where they have to go, and when tasks are due.

Digital Scheduling for Lawyers

Digital scheduling allows lawyers and their team the ability to schedule meetings and deadlines through a computer program. Everyone on the team has access to the information, which helps everyone to be aware of upcoming projects. Digital scheduling is helpful because it prevents double booking. Events can be scheduled and updated at any time from multiple people, and the information is available to everyone even when they are out of the office.

As a busy lawyer, you have your company utilize digital scheduling to help keep track of important deadlines and meetings. You look at your computer and can have a clear idea of where you have to be and when.

Reverse Scheduling for Lawyers

A reverse schedule works backward from the due date of a task to the start date. Utilizing reverse scheduling allows a lawyer to begin the process from the deadline and determines when the company should start the task. Starting from the deadline allows lawyers determine what specifics need to be completed in between the start date and the deadline. It's important for lawyers to know when paperwork is due, and what other motions may need to be completed before the deadline.

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