The Importance of Technology in the Classroom

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Derek Hughes
Technology has become an integral part of any classroom environment. This lesson will explain why technology is an important tool that every student and teacher should utilize.

What Is Classroom Technology?

Teaching and learning is dramatically different today than it was 20 years ago. Today, you can find at least one computer in every classroom. Schools are spending more money investing in laptops, tablets, and smartboards. Any digital tool used to enhance and aid in student learning can be defined as classroom technology. In this lesson, you'll see how important technology is in the classroom by going through a typical day in Mrs. Walker's third-grade classroom.

Classroom Technology Importance

The first thing Mrs. Walker does when she enters her classroom in the morning is turn on the smartboard. This is a projector that's attached to an interactive whiteboard that Mrs. Walker uses throughout the day for many of her lessons. After letting her projector warm up, Mrs. Walker gets all of the materials that she needs organized on her computer so that they're ready to open when she needs them during her lectures.

As students begin entering the room, Mrs. Walker takes attendance on a spreadsheet she created. This helps her keep all of her attendance records in one, easy-to-access place. In fact, Mrs. Walker uses her personal laptop to organize nearly all student information, including grades, contact information, and some of the assignments. She finds that storing this information digitally helps reduce clutter on her desk and at home.

As the day begins, Mrs. Walker projects a journal prompt for her students to respond to in their writing notebooks. She often uses the projector, attached to her laptop, to display assignments and activities for assignments. Mrs. Walker's students know to check the smartboard for whatever activity they should be doing to start the day. Mrs. Walker writes all of these prompts and activities when she's planning lessons, so all she needs to do is open up the documents during class. This keeps her organized and prepared.

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